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How we got started...

From-Jessica and Heather--founders of  Connecting Footprints.

Connecting Footprints started as a dream to connect moms to authentic opportunities to build meaningful relationships. 

Together the two of us bridged our experiences in education, human services, and psychology to form a movement! 

But it started in the simplest of ways: a play date. 

Without having never known one another in person, Heather sent me an invite via Facebook to meet and introduce our kiddos. I agreed to go and our lives changed that day. 

Through our children's shared passion for chicken nuggets, a play structure and several fountain drinks we generated a quick friendship and immediate connection.

We crafted an idea. What if we could make a playgroup that would support all kinds of families? One that could welcome anyone who attended and was FREE?

What if we could work together to build something that our community actually needed? And what if our playgroup focused on being a connecting force for others who may feel the isolation of parenting? Maybe who need someone to be there to support them as they take the risk of coming to play with people they hardly know?

And we did it.  After countless handshakes, hellos at shops,  and Facebook networking we outgrew our page and developed this site. No sign ups, no fees, no income verification--- just comes as you are--- we welcome you twice a week, every week. Wednesday evenings for working parents and Friday mornings. 

Here you can find resources, updates on upcoming events, parenting tips, and hopefully... a connection. So even if you never come to playgroup--- we hope to generate the community we offer right here for you.​​

Thank you so much for supporting our dream. 


Jessica and Heather

Find us on Facebook at Connecting Footprints Parent Group. 

Look at my baby when he was a baby!!! __

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