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Blogger, Coordinator, Educational Consultant

Jessica brings her experiences in early childhood, education, and social programs to the Connecting Footprints team. 
Noticing Weld County lacked resources for all types of parents and wanting to find a group that created a supportive, family atmosphere she started Connecting Footprints as a means to address the gaps in services for families. She understands the importance of developing connections and sees playgroup as important part of the week. 
Jessica now serves as the Coordinator for this program and provides online support,  collaborates with the team, our partners, and families to help keep the mission of this group flourishing. It’s important to her to make sure children AND their caregivers feel important and special.



Senior Collaborator, Child Specialist, Senior Rockstar

Heather is a mother to three adorable and spunky children: Piper, Roxie and Milo. Heather serves as a great testament to balancing the roles of wife, mother, volunteer and a psychologist. She has experience working with families throughout her time as a school psychologist, educator, and counselor. In addition to having her own private practice she has worked in residential treatment facilities, a day treatment programs in the schools and on outpatient teams with adults and children. Heather provides support to the play group by assisting in online management, coordination, and as a host of activities. She helps partner with resources in our community to help provide the best services we can for our families. Jessica and Heather met through planning play dates for their sons and began to share a common vision to develop a “no strings attached” play group for families in Greeley. Heather joined the team and has provided immense support. Heather is a Kansas City Royals fan, she she enjoys reading, taking pictures of her gorgeous children, and helping her community. She is a licensed therapist and strong advocate for parents and their children.

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Nursery and Playgroup Staff

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