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How is Boeckx Law, LLC different than other family lawyers? We strive to provide a client-centered and resolution-focused practice. This means you are very unlikely to go into court and receive an unexpected outcome. Our focus is on exploring all of your options- weighing all the pros and cons of each- so we can decide the best course of action to take together.

We strongly believe that amicable resolution is best for both parties and children, so we strive to reach settlement when possible. However, we will not advise you to take a settlement that we do not believe is in your best interests. When settlement fails we are zealous advocates in court. 

We do not have a fancy office or other staff members, so we can keep our costs low and make our services affordable. We are a husband and wife team, so it is our family helping yours- whether that is at night, on weekends and holidays, or whenever crisis hits home. 

No matter how difficult your case may be we are here to counsel you, provide legal advice, and try to diffuse conflict and stress so you can concentrate on what matters most- your family.

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