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We don't think our group needs to be big to make a big impact. Here's what others in our community and playgroup think about us.

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Footprints Playgroup is an invaluable service to the Greeley community. Offered through First Congregational Church, the play group supports numerous families that would otherwise have few community connections. The group started three years ago to help mothers and caregivers of all kinds find meaningful connections and community support, while ensuring their children, grandchildren or other children in their charge have a safe, positive place to play and connect with others their age. Run through a team effort, Footprints means a world of difference to a young child in poverty, who could otherwise fall prey and grow up with gang behavior as the norm, or children of single parents who could easily allow the television to become their babysitters, and very little socialization, and consequently, difficulties in school. With 300 members online, and growing, and a twice-a week playgroup, it is most certainly making a difference in many children’s and parents’ lives. But it could be so much more, given proper funding and direction and intention.

Sharon Dunn


The very first time meeting for playgroup I was pregnant with my second baby and was wanting to help socialize my then 2 year old, Jaden. I was beyond nervous to meet other moms but felt it was necessary to for Jaden and I to make friends. Playgroup has brought me to some of the most amazing women and I’m so glad there’s an opportunity in our community for children and parents/caregivers to get together.



For me playgroup is a great way to meet other moms going through the same parenting challenges as I am. Its also a wonderful place for my boys to meet other kids their age. I truly love the group!



Footprints has gotten moms out of the house and connected to each other. There's online discussions and questions that spark friendships and a sense of community. Footprints is inclusive about all things it is to be a parent. There are guest speakers, experts in their field, support for parenting, a place to have fun and also a place to help parents in need of a multitude of resources.

Erika, Nevada


I moved to Greeley a little over a year ago. One of the first things I did was join Footprints. Since then, I've met many cool moms and dads experiencing the same ups, downs, and everything in between that parenthood has to offer. The group has been a great "go to" for safe child play and adult interaction.

Jaime, Mother of 2


I am so thankful to have a playgroup that works for working parents. Until I found this group my boys were not able to play with kids their age unless we would go to the park or a fast food restaurant at night to play and now they get a chance once a week to play and bond with kids their age. I love the friendship that are created through this group and watching the little ones grow together.

I value what you and what you are doing it is a great program and I truly and thankful to have found it.

Jacque, Mom of 3

To give my boy a chance to play with kids their own age. I am very thankful that there is finally a playgroup for working parents.

Survey Partcipant

To meet new friends for myself and kids. Also to get out of the house in the winter when parks are so colder. (We attend more regularly in the cold months).

Survey Participant

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