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Meet Sage

As we've developed as a site dedicated to telling the unique lens of parenthood (outside other mom blogs focused on other topics: cleaning, meal planning, balancing it all)--we have learned we have some incredible authors ready to share stories. Some of the narratives contain the very heart and soul of the writer--- generating a vulnerability many fear. I've realized I need to protect the heart that keeps this blog beating.

In order to share the hard-fought wisdom of the spirits standing in the face of controversy, crisis, and challenges of parenting we've decided to name our new author section: Sage.

Sage will serve as the primary author of Footprints for the collection of narrators we may host. Those seeking a voice, asylum in the anonymity of the internet and a place to shout in the silence through prose.

Sage isn't one person, she's a collection of the gathered experiences of those walking similar steps. Let's welcome Sage to the journey-- I feel so proud to welcome her into the hearts and mission of Footprints. Sage brings an innate wisdom-- she earned every wrinkle and takes pride knowing she's built pathways for others--- those who watch her walk with grace and dignity. She's wild, yet distinguished. She's alone, but in a tribe.

She's an ancient force of womanhood blazing the trail for others to find peace in their bravery.

Sage will be making her first appearance later this evening. Keep a close watch--- you won't want to miss her three part series on mental health.

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