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Trouble Saying Thank You

I struggle accepting help from others and saying thank you is no picnic either (Heather teases me about this). I just don't know how to say Thank You and truly impress my sincere appreciation without sounding facetious or too casual.

Below is a letter I wrote to a local organization here in Weld County called Women2Women (click here for more info). This organization offers one-time financial support for women in need in the community. The board remains dedicated to building opportunities and avenues for stability for all kinds of women. I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with them this year as a recipient of their generousity.

I hope this letter communicates the extent to which my gratitude flows--- I am eager to thank them in person.

February 2, 2018

Dear Women 2 Women,

I aspire to write someday for a living. Dreams and aspiration serve as important ways people can cultivate hope in otherwise broken and bruised hearts. My dream to become a writer sharing my story upholds the very mission of Women 2 Women. Women 2 Women helps other single mothers like me shift the narrative of somewhat sad or tragic stories to ones of empowerment, fortitude, and strength. Your organization gives women the ability to take our story back from the strain of circumstance.

Five years ago I struck out on my own with nowhere to go, a week old infant in tow and everything I could fit into my tiny black car. The Carrie Underwood song “Jesus Take the Wheel” has taken on an entirely new meaning for me as I reflect on those first few days driving across the country in the middle of winter. In a single terrifying moment prior to the beginning of that car ride I chose personal safety over housing. Why? Because the night I left I told my ex-husband every lie I had to pry my sweet baby out of his arms as he squeezed my son. I fabricated every piece of what I said to him to get the baby safe and await his eventual blackout. I promised myself a dangerous home was no home at all. I was a college educated woman with enough gumption to assure the cycle ended with me. I dedicated myself to forging a life of stability. I worked long hours, several jobs, and developed myself as a parent during very tiring years. In the quest to craft a new story for myself I’ve hit obstacles and barriers. Money, time, available supports all challenged how I access opportunity for security.

This is where the power of Women 2 Women comes into play. Just as a writer needs an editor to help make the most effective words on the page possible women need a constructive eye to guide the process and offer support through drafts, edits, and publishing. It takes courage to outline one’s own biography. And it takes support—encouragement from those willing to offer inspiration, feedback, or financial backing. When a mother like me writes Women 2 Women asking for assistance we are hoping for the chance to make revisions to our first draft. We need the tools to generate a piece we take pride in because life’s story cannot be released on the backs of receipts and napkins. The outline needs improved planning to reach a more desirable ending.

Women 2 Women gives the opportunity to sit at the table to craft the next chapter with more precision. Services like yours inspire those with few dreams and few second chances to grasp hope for brighter beginnings. Hope fuels the mother like me--- I need rewrites. We don’t get reprieve much—when we’re on the brink we’re constantly bogged down with worry, bills, sleepless nights, and so much more. The emotional release offered from programs like Women 2 Women far surpasses the financial benefits.

I cannot financially offer support to Women 2 Women but I remain committed to helping other mothers through acts of service connecting women to resources. I started a playgroup almost three years to support all kinds of families. Now at 340 members strong, a staff, as well as a website dedicated to providing reliable resources and referrals we can help connect more women to sources of support outside of play-based opportunities. This space offers me a place to write too. So I guess… I’m a writer now.

Thank you Women 2 Women for assisting mothers in gaining access to stability and opportunity. Our dreams may not come true with one single check but our security may find new footing. Those with security can stop to breathe, to dream, to achieve step by tiny step a story worth writing. We can’t always control how the events will play out over time but we can prepare ourselves to handle the detours. You help us walk away from drafts we don’t like to start a fresh page as stronger, resilient mothers. Thank you simply cannot capture the gratitude I feel.

Kindest Regards,

Jessica Miller

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