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We Don't Just Play

Over the last two and half years our playgroup has connected families to one another and to a variety of formal and informal resources within Weld County.


In the last year we have collaborated with First Congregational Church and community partners to donate over $1,000 to families in need of assistance. Supporters of our group have donated over $5,000 in services and goods to Footprints in just under three years.

The generous contributions have helped our playgroup community thrive. We feel immense gratitude--- those who support our mission to provide a safe and caring place for all families have directly impacted the lives of children and families.

We have helped connect participants to:

  • Housing and rent assistance

  • Domestic violence resources

  • SAVA

  • Employment resources and coaching

  • Mental heath and postpartum supports

  • Access food resources

  • Parenting classes

  • Infant and toddler screening services

  • Support and accommodations for children with delays

  • Positive Parenting Solutions support

  • Preschool transition support

  • School of Innovation

  • Greeley Fire Department

  • Union Colony Music classes

  • Highlands Library District

  • Best Start for Babies

  • Birth to Three Programming

  • Baby Box University

  • Weld County WIC

  • Pregnancy Resource Center

  • Legal Aid

  • Adoption connections

  • Community garage sale

  • Infant/Toddler/Maternity supplies

  • Childcare assistance

  • Divorce/Custody Support

  • Child Abuse Prevention

  • Support for family owned business

  • Department of Human Service Support

  • Health Insurance assistance

  • Story times and community activities

  • Low cost family portraits

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Connecting parents to peers, professionals and community

  • We have provided crisis assistance, visited new mothers, developed meal trains, assisted in fundraising for needs and so much more.

We are committed to assuring families in need have access to assistance as well as undiscriminating support. In doing so, families can feel safe, comfortable, and nurtured during some of the most vulnerable times. All families, rich or poor, experience hardships all of kinds. Our role is to assist when needed free of judgement.

Do you need assistance? Please contact:

or contact us via email:

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