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As a stressed-out, working parent, one of the things I’m often asked is "How did you start this?” The simple answer is I needed an outlet, I wanted to do good, and some supportive people joined the ranks.. 

I'm a single mom, an educator, an advocate, a survivor and a dreamer. Footprints has added immense value to my life; I love the chance to share with our readers the parts of my experience that shape me. I can never repay all the people who helped shape Footprints-- so I aim to bring meaningful content in it's place. 

I'm not the only contributor--- we have other mamas sharing vulnerable parts of their lives, tips, and expertise. 

Do you have a topic we should tackle? Send us ideas or share in the comments section. 

May 5, 2020

Parenting, no matter which way you slice it, is hard. Add a pandemic to the mix and suddenly every piece of confidence may crumble like your first foray into French baking from scratch. Or Do It Yourself Haircuts... you choose your poison. 

I felt good in my first two w...

April 11, 2020

In this post-- Heather reminisces about the special experience of celebrating Easter with Dr. Bob during her childhood. She wrote this last year and we missed getting it posted. Since Easter won't be quite the same for many of our families we wanted to share this trans...

December 8, 2018

Single parents often hear the not so glorious sounds of mental exhaustion when they ask for support. They know they ask for too much. Trust me the guilt courses through our veins.  Some folks overextend the favors and others don’t ask for support often enough. It’s a d...

November 25, 2018

The Bear and I meandered the grocery aisles the other day discussing the important matters of the day: sharks have no hair, but give live birth (so not a mammal). A platypus lays eggs, has hair, and is a mammal. Somewhere near between the frozen hams and bacon the Bear...

August 17, 2018

First: I opted to not include pictures for this one. Let's do something more meaningful. Post a picture of a powerful, strong woman in the comments on here, social media, etc. Survivors. Allies of survivors. Advocates. And #Safety4Survivors #shanannwatts

Why does a husb...

August 15, 2018

Yesterday I fumbled headfirst into running again. My doctor wants me to start exercising at least 6 hours a week. I about died of exhaustion just hearing the suggestion. But the reality remains: I am fat.

After my son was born I cited the baby weight and the stress of d...

July 26, 2018

Sometimes a train of negativity sweeps you down the rails of poor thinking patterns and dysfunctional coping skills. Yet somehow we keep making the mistake of letting the train pick us up and blow us through Trauma Town like a regular in a downtown bar.

It’s one thing t...

July 25, 2018

I made a baby with a person who didn't like me. Not even the slightest bit. Maybe my title here is a tad assuming... but I suspect he thinks I'm the ABSOLUTE WORST. 

I wonder how my son will interpret those two sentences when he is older. I laid groundwork by letting hi...

July 17, 2018

Day-to-day is my reality. It's not a choice, I don't enjoy it, but it's the way life is right now. There is hope that someday I'll be able to plan out my week or even tomorrow, but for now each day remains open until the morning of. Living with complex grief and a life...

July 2, 2018

My roommate still curled up on the bed: heartbroken and missing her baby. I nestled next to this stranger and hugged her. She leaned into the hug and I think we both felt something intangible in this hug. Two mothers aching to hold their children; we understood this pa...

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